I win – U win

quoteEntertainers are special people. My name is spelt ALYWIN but people pronounce it ALL – WIN.

I like that because ALL-of-us-WIN.

No matter what our Religion, Color, or Race we are all the same and we can all win.

About me, the entertainer and piano player

I began playing piano at 18 when I got to Toronto, Canada. It was a struggle but finally found myself playing in some of the restaurants and bars. I was offered a contract in Finland and Switzerland as a piano player and I was among the few entertainers who decided to stay as I was getting more and more offers in Europe. In 2006 I started a job in a 250 seat restaurant which lasted 7 years. Unfortunately, the restaurant was sold and I had to go. My history as a piano player can be found here.

It was a hard time

It was difficult to get back into the piano playing rotation of Hotels as most agents had control and had their entertainers working in these places. It was a tough time and with the help of a friend I finally got a “normal” job working 3 days a week. I could then concentrate on weekend piano jobs and events with singers or as a solo pianist. But still it was tough making all the bills. I was at the point of giving up.

A friend nudged me to do something

I play golf with a Canadian friend on a regular basis, at least once a week. He is familiar with my situation and suggested that I do what he does to make an extra income. So I investigated the company he recommended and many others who do the same thing. I read many reviews about the various companies and finally settled for Wealthy Affiliate. The reviews were astounding. Established in 2003 and with over a million in their community, it sounded good. Read my review here.

A goal to reach up to and earn more money.

So I then dived right in and joined as a Premium Member. It was not expensive, $49 per month. With that I could have access to the whole library of learning modules and videos; and also be able to host word press websites for free., and integrate with others in the community.quotaion


As I had access to the study modules, I found this was cheaper than paying a college or school to learn how to build websites, learn about marketing, how to sell on the internet – and the list goes on. Incredible for the $49 per month price.

My satisfaction of completing a course

After completing some of the study modules, I was able to build professional looking websites with the help of others in the community, such as the one you are now looking at. Later I went on to learn about marketing and the various social networks and how to use them to make money. This was all new to me, but once again with all the help I got through it and put up my first few ads. I actually started to make some money. Pennies at first, but I saw it grow from coins to notes and then bigger notes.

beach viewNow I have a little extra income; I look forward to that growing into hundreds or thousands per month. I am sure I will get to a point of not worrying about contracts and bills to pay and even have time to work as an entertainer and piano player.
The next step would be to spend time on a lazy beach and play golf.
And helping others when I reach that financial stability will be a priority.

But, as I said in the opening lines of this page: I win – you win. I want to take entertainers along with me. I want to reach out and take you away from that daily commute to work, and that 9 to 5 job so that you are able to have more time for your spouse and kids, – more quality time.


Join me and click here.




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